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I'm Groove Chocolate. Call me Groove.

I am a morsel of exquisiteness. An irresistible fine Belgian chocolate bar filled with heavenly, creamy salted caramel. Yes, I am a chunka chunka burning love 💖



Not your average chocolate. This chocolate is delicious. It is not chalky like most dark chocolate. It is smooth and creamy. I absolutely love the salted caramel. It is so rich and buttery. Pretty much the description of this chocolate is spot on, not bitter and not sweet, it is the perfect balance of both.


These chocolates are the REAL DEAL!
I got the milk chocolate one. Each square is the perfect bite sized treat for your mini cravings! They had just the perfect amount of sweet and that salted caramel in the middle was SPOT ON. I really enjoyed it and will be recommending this to others!


I received one of these bars as a gift from a friend. I love salted caramel, but usually favour dark chocolate. I loved the flavours in this bar! The squares are a perfect size for popping directly into your mouth, or taking smaller bites to savour the taste, like I did. If you're on a diet, but still crave a little bit of chocolate on your tongue, one square will only set you back 37 calories.
The only thing that would have made this even better for me is if it was made with dark chocolate.